Leadership Team

Sean Fagan, Managing Director


Sean Fagan is a customer care professional with nearly 30 years of experience helping people understand and embrace the power of complex concepts. As the Managing Director of the Adult Financial Education Council, Sean is responsible for the day to day management of an organization committed to the mission of improving the financial literacy of all Americans approaching retirement. With certified AFEC instructors all over the country Sean routinely rolls up his sleeves and dives in head first to make sure our instructors have the support, knowledge, tools and access required to change the way Americans think about the retirement planning process.  

As we continue to expand our reach and broaden our message Sean's considerable experience in developing, implementing and managing logistically sound policies and procedures will be the catalyst for success. Thanks to his hands on style and incredible passion for helping others Sean is always willing to help AFEC instructors and course attendees. Both instructors and students should never hesitate to contact Sean with any questions, comments and/or feedback.

Sean and his wife, Anissa, have three children and when not spending time with his family, Sean can be found coaching football at his alma mater or enjoying one of the many "secret" New England fly fishing spots only an angler with his vast experience would know existed.