About Us

Who We Are

The Adult Financial Education Council (AFEC) is a not for profit financial wellness program that offers adult financial education workshops throughout the country. AFEC works with small businesses, churches, civic organizations, libraries and colleges to help members of their communities take control of their finances by providing highly informative, unbiased adult financial education workshops.

Our Mission

A 2012 SEC “Financial Literacy Study” mandated by the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act concluded, overwhelmingly, that American investors lack essential knowledge of the most rudimentary financial concepts. The study went on to say, inadequate investor literacy may have serious implications for the ability of broad segments of the population to retire comfortably. They found this to be particularly troubling given we are in an age dominated by defined-contribution retirement plans such as 401-k’s. As a result, the study concluded greater investor education was essential. 

The Adult Financial Education Council (AFEC), is devoted to the mission of improving the financial literacy of all Americans age 50 and over, who are concerned about their retirement savings and uncertain which steps they need to take in order to enjoy a safe and secure financial future. Our proprietary courses are designed to address the financial issues that are at the forefront of Baby-Boomers minds. Amongst other things, our courses will teach you the importance of an effective and tax efficient integration of your various retirement income sources, how to leverage Social Security to minimize the erosive effects inflation and taxes have on your retirement capital, the keys to avoiding the excessive surcharges found throughout the Medicare system and the common planning missteps that cause the majority of Americans from achieving their retirement savings goals. These courses provide students with the fundamental knowledge they need to make smart decisions about their financial future.

AFEC Instructors

AFEC instructors are comprised of financial professionals who work as financial advisors, insurance and investment specialists, and a variety of other related financial professions. Our instructors have gone through extensive training and possess the knowledge, skill and experience required to present the course materials in an easy-to-understand format. AFEC instructors are dedicated to our mission of improving the financial literacy of all Americans over 50 years of age. Our students walk away with a high quality financial education, a stronger understanding of their finances, and the skills needed to make better financial decisions about their future and the role bank assets, insurance products and securities play in building and managing a successful retirement plan.